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Das Wachstum des deutschen Marktes ist progressiv. Das zeugt von einer gesunden Wirtschaftsstruktur, für welche sich chinesische Betriebe interessieren. Z.B. Industrie 4.0 , der Bereich BWL Management, Bausektor oder Maschinen, Geräte und Fahrzeuge sind von großem Interesse. Auch wenn Industrie 4.0 noch einiges an Entwicklungszeit in China benötigt, so ist es jetzt schon ein wichtiges Ziel der chinesischen Zukunft. Wir organisieren Treffen mit namenhaften Firmen, Universitäten und Managern deutscher Marken, sei es zu einem Besuch, einen fachlichen Austausch, oder zu einem Seminar. Wir offerieren eine breite Palette an Kontaktpunkten deutscher Erfolgsgeschichte und einen lukrativen Austausch an Erfahrungen. 



Besuch Brainport Tour Eindhoven im Nov. 2017

COFCO Land Beijing Company
General Manager
It was my pleasure participating in the Hanson programm. The tour was well organised and we will come back!
Beijing Kunting Asset Management Co.,Ltd
Vice General Manager
We could arrange a profitable network here in Germany. The tour was professional done and I will miss the time.

Besuch AVG Abfallentsorgungs- und Verwertungsgesellschaft Köln mbH im Okt. 2017

Agile Environmental Proctection Group
Our company has always been committed to waste disposal and environmental protection. So this factory visit is very much in line with our company's business scope. thanks Hanson.

Agile Environmental Proctection Group
Environmental protection is not a trivial matter. Visiting factories in Germany let us to learn about the advanced practices of other countries. I think, this is a very meaningful experience.

General Manager of Solid Waste Department

Besuch Rewe Logistikzentrum im Sep. 2017

Shandong Joyi Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd.
I think this visit is very meaningful and let us to grow up in comparison.

Vice Corporate Present, Senior Human Resource Director
The industrial in developed countries is surprising. I felt a lot different in this visit. Thank Hanson for arranging such a meaningful visit to us.


Besuch Hermes Logistikzentrum im Sep. 2017

Shanghai Lang-Sunbright Logistics Sci-tech Co., Ltd
Thanks Hanson for giving me this rare experience.

Infinitus(China)Company Ltd
Comparing our visit experience in other countries, this one is particularly good. Through the Hanson translation we can better understand the process of the German logistics system.

Logistics and Planning Director

Besuch Landesamt Ludwigsburg im Aug. 2017

Chinese Communist party of Xiangshan County
The attitude of Germany to ancient architecture is well worth our studying. And thanks for Hanson provide us a bridge to connection with country office.

Vice Chairman
Construction Bureau of Xiangshan County
We continue to learn advanced countries to make us progress, hoping to have more such satisfactory exchange opportunities in the future.


Besuch Wirtschaftsföderung Wuppertal AöR im Juli 2017

Industry and Commerce Administration of Zhejiang Province
With the help of Hanson a meaningful meeting with the Economic Department of Wuppertal was held ,and this meeting also provided the new ideas for our future development.


Besuch Unternehmer TUM MakerSpace GmbH im Juli 2017

My team is particularly satisfied with this visit to the factory.
Thanks Hanson.

Tech and MAN
Jinan Railway Vehicles Equipment Co., Ltd.
Through the explanation of the staff of the Makerspace staff, I have a basic understanding of the Industrie 4.0 , and I think this visit is very worthwhile.

Sales Manager

Besuch Daimler Autowerk im Juni 2017

CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd.
We are particularly satisfied with Hanson's services and hope to have more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

CRRC Beijing Locomotive Co., Ltd,
The factory tour is compact and substantial, and Hanson's arrangements are reasonable and detailed. This is a rare experience.

CRRC Datong Co., Ltd
A perfect visit,With services like Hanson, foreign languages ​​are not an obstacle to communication.


Besuch Trumpf Group im Juni 2017

CRRC Corporation Limited
It is an incredible experience for professional technicians.

CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.
we visited the Exhibition Center of the Machine Tool Business Unit and saw the processing links of the fast laser cutting machine, blanking machine, bending machine and automatic loading and unloading device. The processing efficiency and processing accuracy were very shocking. The world's most advanced machine tool processing technology.

Vice Chief
CNR Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.
This is a very pleasant visit,Trumpf is really deserved reputation.

Vice division chief

Besuch Innotech Laser GmbH im Juni 2017

The wonderful experience of the factory tour is based on the professional translation provided by Hanson. thanks.


Besuch stowa Uhrwerk im Juni 2017

Guangzhou Meinuo Electronic Technology Co.,LTD
This is a great experience,
I will recommend it to my friends.

Xiamen Skeyou Network Technology Co.Ltd
The factory tour is a very good opportunity to learn about German industry.of course,the service of Hanson makes me satisfaction too.

Guangdong hakka catering management co., LTD
The world of watches is very exciting.

General Manager

Besuch Hansgrohe SE im Juni 2017

Marcool Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd
Hansgrohe is a company worth visiting.Thanks to Hanson International for providing our intimate translation service so that we can get a better experience in this visit.

General Manager
WeDo Beijing Inc.
The factory tour gave me a deep impression,
German manufacturing really deserved reputation.

Project Manager

Besuch Makerspace im Apr.2017

National Institute Corporation of Additive Manufacturing,Xi'an
I am very satisfied,i hope that i can join such prime travel again in the future.

General Manager
Xuzhou Dayuan Electromotor co.,Ltd
Thanks for the HANSON international to give me such good experience.we enjoy it!

General Manager

Besuch BMW Werk im Dez. 2016

Beijing Hejun consulting ltd
Travel arrangements is reasonable, and i like our tour guide.

Best Pacific International Holdings Limited
A very pleasant trip in Europe!

Chairman and executive Director
Gaosun Group
Line arrangement was good,i have a good time all the way,tour guide is responsible.he has rich experience.

Assistant to the President

Besuch BBS Management GmbH im Nov. 2016

Ningbo Fujia Industrial Investment Co., Ltd
BBS is very spectacular,for us is hard to image. In addition,there is although a excellent travel.

Gerneral Manager
Hengshuai Motor Co., Ltd
I have gained a lot from this trip.

Gerneral Manager

Besuch Hansgrohe SE im Nov.2016

Zhejiang Qiangsheng Medical Engineering Co.,Ltd
So much new information to see and to remember when I am back. I can recommend this tour ! Wish you good luck Hanson !

General Manager
Health Gene Technologies Co. Ltd.
I have to come back for more....Thank you!

General Manager

Besuch Basf SE im Nov. 2016

Ningbo Qinuo Materials Science & Technology Develepment Co.,Ltd
This is a very good tour,also a wonderful experience for my team.

General Manager
Ningbo Veken Battery Company Inc
I am very happy with this trip,the tour guide is also very patient.

General Manager

Besuch Trumpf Group im Nov.2016

Ningbo Juhua Optical Technology Co.,Ltd
Trumpf was highly interesting for me. Good manager and speaker. With quite a knowledge I added, iam heading home happy to incorporate some of it.

General Manager
Ninghai Boneng Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd
Very good ! Thank you. Enjoyed a lot.

General Manager

Besuch Stadtentwicklung Ausssenbeziehungen in Zuerich im Sep.2015

Zhejiang provincial housing and urban and rural construction department
Despite the fact that it was raining a lot, I still enjoyed the program Hanson offered. Very nice.

Associate Counse
Hangzhou housing provident fund management center
Profitable contacts! Thank you. Will see you on the next Tour.

Deputy Director

Besuch Rational AG

Vice President von Beijing Haidian Catering Service Trade Association
fantastic experiance...The Seminar fullfilled my expectation and the live cooking was fun!
Quanjude Group
I love Germany! What a trip. Even though the weather was not always nice, the impressions are many. I enjoyed the mix of business and leisure. Thank you!
General Manager
Very good! The tour points like the Seminar, visiting the factories, having an exchange of Information with the Managers. All well organised. the Guide was a nice guy with a professional attitude. Thank you...we will see us again.
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